Who Are We

Top5Software is one of the immensely trusted software recommendation websites. The name came into being with the aim of introducing users and businesses with advice on apt software selection. A number of procedures require implementing the use of applications to support their execution.

At Top 5 Software, we simplify the selection of this application from a wide range of its likes available online. Our technical experts put in their best in suggesting products based on testing results of top 5 shortlisted tools. With core understanding of the software industry and ongoing market trends, we consider it an obligation to recommend users the best of tools.

What We Do

In the technology-dependent lifestyle, everything relies on software applications. Applications have become the support system for automating procedures without a compromise on the success rate. We, at Top 5 Software, work towards assisting people and their businesses in choosing the right solution for their interests and necessities related to data management, recovery, conversion and more.

Top 5 Software is a comparative website featuring the comparison between some of the major applications of varied domains. You can find the right one of your choice along with a comparative overview of its features. You can choose the one based on all elements of selection by referring to the featured information about reviewed and compared products.

Our Motto

We want to eliminate the idea of “perfect software solutions being a myth”. As long as the developers are willing to understand and render to the needs of their end users, an application can prove to be perfect for the target users. We, at Top 5 Software, bridge the gap between the multiple stages of software selection by doing 80% of the job. We research, examine, test and shortlist the top 5 products of the available software categories.

Our aim is to simplify software selection and ensure 100% user satisfaction.