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  • Single User Backup
  • Multiple User Backup
  • Backup to Multiple Formats
  • Selective Migration (Filters)
  • Complete Gmail Data Backup
  • Size Limitation
  • Pause & Resume Option
  • Save Internet Bandwidth
  • Incremental / Scheduled Backup
  • Backup History
  • Password Protected / Encrypted ZIP File
  • Delete Items after Download
  • Restore Data to Gmail Account
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Windows OS Support
  • Mac OS Support
  • Live Support
  • Cost

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Author's Pick

Based on intensive testing of the above software, we have come to a conclusion that in order to get better user experience, one of the best backup applications is SysTools Gmail Backup tool. The above-mentioned comparison helps to differentiate between the software and their features. This comparison would help the user to choose the best utility as per their requirements. The reason why SysTools Gmail Backup is chosen as the best utility are as follows:

User Friendly Interface

We found that some of the mentioned tools had cumbersome UI like Gmvault which is purely command line based. It becomes difficult for the naive users to operate on it. But while working with SysTools Gmail Backup we found that it is an efficient software with a very easy to use interface which is easily understood by geek as well as non-geek users.

Multiple Language Support

Three out of Five tested software support only English language. SysTools Gmail Backup support 5 most commonly used languages apart from English which are, French, Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Backup in Multiple File Formats

While testing all the above-mentioned tools we found that mostly the tools took backup in ZIP file formats. But one tool which saved Gmail mailbox data in multiple file formats is SysTools Gmail Backup. It export the data into four most commonly used file formats which are, MBOX, MSG, PST, EML. This allows the users to access the backed up data into multiple email clients as per their choice.

Backup All Gmail Items

While we were testing Gmail Keeper, Gmvault and UpSafe Gmail Backup tools, we found out that these software only tool backup of emails from Gmail account. But Google Takeout and SysTools Gmail Backup took backup of all the items related to Gmail account which are contacts, calendars, emails as well as documents. However, Google Takeout has 50 GB size limitation whereas SysTools Gmail Backup has no size limitation.

Pause & Resume the Backup Process

If sudden power failure or system shut down occurs then we noticed that many software asked to start the backup process all over again. Only SysTools Gmail Backup & Gmvault gives an option to pause as well as resume the download process to perform uninterrupted backup process. But we prefer SysTools Gmail Backup over Gmvault become it has a button for pausing & resuming the process, unlike Gmvault which has a command for this purpose.

Set Internet Bandwidth

Four out of Five mentioned software does not provide throttling option to its users. SysTools Gmail Backup provides throttle setting option to manage internet bandwidth usage. The user can specify percentage of total internet bandwidth that they want the utility to consume while creating Gmail data backup. The users can also allot a time slot for a specific amount of bandwidth as per their requirements.

Delete After Download Option

This is a very unique option that we found in SysTools Gmail Backup. We have tested 5 software but only this tool provides this option to its users. Users get an option to delete the data from the server after its backup is successful. If a user selects this option then the data will automatically get erased from Google's server as soon as its archived via this application.

Live & Active Support

Some of the above-mentioned tools are freeware hence they do not provide a dedicated support for their software. SysTools unlike other companies provides a dedicated live chat support team that is available 24*7 to resolve Gmail Backup related issues faced by the users.


After the rigorous testing of the above-mentioned applications, we can say that SysTools Gmail Backup is the software which provides multiple unique functionalities at a low price. It’s worthwhile to pay the price in order to get all these necessary and user friendly features.

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Thanks Top 5 Software team for taking all the efforts and coming up with the review of the best 5 Gmail Backup software. The tools are just amazing, the reviews a variety of products to choose. Keep it up Top5 Team!


Jenny carvalo

The software are just amazing. They can take the backup of my gmail account very easily. As i tried all the 5 software out of curiosity to know what they have to offer. All thanks to the developers!!